Hi I'm Alex-Ann

A few years ago, I spent a lot of time traveling both internationally and domestically. Along the way, I encountered many businesses that Ieft me feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. Despite having great business ideas and fantastic marketing. The service I received was often disappointing and upsetting.

This experience made me realize that I had the skills It really weighed on me and I realized I had all the skills to help entrepreneurs retain happy and loyal customers by maximizing the customer experience. It's not just about a smile and politeness - it's about process efficiency, follow-up, training and cultivating a healthy service culture. How do you handle difficult customers? How do you turn your customers into passionate brand ambassadors? Remember, happy people = happy pockets

As a certified customer experience specialist, project management and operations expert, I've combined my expertise to create something truly magical

Through courses, 1:1 opportunities, workshops and speaking engagements, you'll learn what exceptional customer experience truly means and how to implement in in your business. You'll gain proven strategies to rehabilitate customer perceptions, regain and maintain trust.

Let's transform your customer experience and take your business to the next level.

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Nastacia Brady, Sevven Braid Studio
Nastasia Brady
Sevven Braid Studio

Very straight forward and informative. I'm absolutely happy I took this course. As a braider this will definitely help my day to day interactions with my clients. I definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Dionne Reid,
Chef Manager

We recruited Spike's services to train our restaurant staff. We found the team to be thorough in getting to understand our organizational structure as well as our needs. Alex uses multiple tools to relay the information to her trainees and makes the customer service sessions interactive and concise. The material is carefully curated based on the environment and her steps and recommendations ar easy to follow and implement. Based on the feedback we have been getting on our customer service since the training, it would be remiss of us not to recommend this service. The passion of SP!KE's team easily translates. A worthy investment in your staff indeed.

Santana Spence, Yardie Cosmetics
Santana Spence
Yardie Cosmetics

I am so happy there is a business out there to help us as small business owners to be prepared for our customers and the many different personalities we have to deal with. Thank you for the amazing course. Educational and precise! This course is great for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to separate personal emotions when running a business. Best decision I've ever made working with you. Thank you for your positive impact on our business growth."

Evesha Kenlyn M.D.
The Donut Avenue

As a first time business owner with no experience, developing my company was a very scary process. But thanks to the incredible help from SP!KE, I was equipped and ready to build my brand. My early stage development plan was strategic and thorough. I learned about all the licenses I would need to legally operate my business as well as other caveats I previously missed. I felt empowered working with SP!KE and I highly recommend their services.

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